Andrews University

Campus Visit

Come take a look! Decide if Andrews is right for you. We've found that one of the most effective ways—if not the best way—to discover which school fits you best is through a campus visit. So come on!

One of the best ways to connect with a university and figure out if it's right for you, is to check it out. You can visit us by coming to our campus and seeing it for yourself or, you can visit us through one of our representatives when they're in your area.

We can attempt to describe and explain life at Andrews University, but we believe that it's much better for you to come and see it for yourself. You will get an opportunity to see classes in progress, experience dorm life, interact with students, and much more!

To schedule a visit, click on a date below and complete the registration form. For all other arrangements, please call our office 800-253-2874.