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Your Andrews University username is used to access online computing resources at Andrews University. You are required to have activated your username prior to registering for classes. This username also serves as part of your Andrews University e-mail address. Use this page to create your username.

There are two options for creating your username. If you remember your ID number, fill in the fields on the form, below. Alternately, if you have previously supplied us with an off-campus e-mail address, enter it into the field on the bottom of the page, and we will send activation information to that e-mail address. This will only work if we have a record of the entered e-mail address you enter.

For problems with the activation process, call (269) 471-6016 or email

If you know your ID Number...

Fill in all fields below to the best of your knowledge. If a field does not apply to your situation, leave it empty.

Please enter a valid ID number.
Please enter your first name, as it was provided to AU.
Please enter your last name, as it was provided to AU.
Please enter your birthdate as mm/dd/yyyy.
Please enter the last four digits of your SSN without spaces or dashes, like XXXX.

If you don't know your ID number...

Enter a non-Andrews email address that you have provided to Andrews University on your application or other data submission.